About the Cloud

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Your business at your fingertips - work anywhere with secure, authorised access via the internet Remote cloud servers offer capacity, redundancy, automatic power back up and failovers to ensure data security and continuity of service The solution that grows with your business Business technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. Cloud computing offers an easier and more cost efficient way for businesses to quickly take advantage of the latest upgrades, updates and innovations, automatically deployed to all users at the same time. And as your business grows, your cloud solution grows with you. Add more users. Add more storage capacity. Add new apps. Add new productivity. Cloud benefits at a glance
  • reduce IT implementation costs (no servers or licensing software for every user)
  • lower ongoing maintenance and IT support costs
  • highest levels of security to protect business information
  • failovers and power back up to ensure continuity of service
  • fully scalable
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