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If your computer regularly crashes, is slow and unreliable, or you’re just not sure what’s going wrong, we'll troubleshoot your computer, perform the fix required and optimise it for you.

As part of this service, we’ll:

  • Diagnose your computer to find the cause of the issue
  • Fix any one (1) issue with your computer

If required, we'll also:

  • Optimise your start-up and shut-down process
  • Clean up your task bar shortcuts, quick launch and menu
  • Remove unwanted programs and trial ware
  • Clean up your temp files
  • Review your existing internet security installation (providing alternate options if required and associated costs) 

Examples of common issues include:

  • Printer not working
  • Computer keeps rebooting
  • Connection/other issues
  • Bouncing emails
  • Troubleshoot a network
  • Computer is sluggish and running slow


When you're back up, want to learn how to stay safe online or set up another device? Our gizmotechs can tailor a solution that's right for you.

With our Fix Me or any of our computer repair or support services, you can enjoy our No Fix. No Fee. Guarantee.


NB: service may not be as effective (or possible) for older versions of Windows or OSX. Recommended: Windows 7 and above, 10.7 and above.